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Carlos Buhler - Senior Associate, World Class Mountaineer


> World-Class Mountaineer and Expedition Team Leader, Carlos P. Buhler, is a 30-year survivor of over 100 summits. He is one of only four people to ever summit the 29,028-foot Mount Everest by its most treacherous route, the East Face. He has successfully climbed ten of the world's tallest mountains including K2.

> Reaching the summit of a difficult mountain, like creating and driving a successful business, is an extreme leadership challenge. A group of climbers must work together so that every action brings them closer to their goal without wasted effort. They must work with limited resources and within inflexible time constraints. By weaving together each member's talents and energies, a series of psychological, logistical, and physical barriers must be overcome.

> The successful team will consist of highly motivated individuals prepared for tremendous personal challenge while maintaining the ability to work within the group. What makes difficult mountaineering unique is the degree of commitment, individually and as a team.

> At some point there is a line each climber must cross, from which there is no certain return. To achieve success, a climber must accept the risk and act upon the best information available with the knowledge that a mistake could have catastrophic results for him and others.

> Carlos has found that his mountain climbing experiences serve as a powerful metaphor for today's tough business challenges. While continuing to climb, Carlos has teamed up with HRMG to bring a new dimension to our workshops.

> Carlos's blend of dramatic photography and his unique leadership experiences in the harsh environment of high elevation climbing proves to be enlightening to our business audiences. His experiences provide a new perspective on effective leadership and teamwork, renewed personal inspiration, and compelling ideas for improving corporate performance.

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